Triton Seville 8.5kW Review

The Triton Seville 8.5kW electric shower is a simple shower system that can fit any bathroom style and home. It features controls that are easy to use and parts that can be conveniently put together and installed.  It is also simple enough to maintain to keep it functioning properly.  This review will tell you what makes this shower a good buy.

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Easy to Use Controlstriton seville

The controls of the Triton Seville 8.5kW Electric Shower are very easy to understand. It uses a rotary temperature control system where you simply need to turn the dial to change the temperature or turn the shower on or off. Turn the dial clockwise to make the water hotter or turn it counter clockwise to make the water cooler. It is that simple. A LED light power indicator will tell you if the shower is turned on.

Hot or Cold Water?

With the Triton Seville 8.5kW Electric Shower you can take a shower with either cold or hot water. It uses multiple cables and water entry points to give you a steady stream of water supply no matter what. The different water entry points also ensure easy replacement.

The Hardware

The casing of the Triton Seville 8.5kW Electric Shower is made of high quality plastic that’s sturdy and will sure to last a long time. Its dials are also made of the same material and are easy to turn and handle.

The shower head is made of high quality material that’s easy to handle and clean. It is attached to the shower via a flexible water hose. The shower head comes with a single spray pattern that’s not too heavy on the flow and not too light that there’s hardly any water coming out. It can be mounted on a stainless steel bar where you can adjust the height to suit your own height. The stainless steel bar comes with a soap dish for your soaps and other shower accessories.

The Verdict

This Triton Seville 8.5kW Electric Shower is a compact shower that can fit in any home. Its controls are simple enough and it delivers hot or cold water with a touch of a dial. The adjustable shower height makes it convenient to use no matter how tall you are. The flexible cable holding the shower head is long enough to allow you to wash your entire body easily. The shower is made of durable material that will last for a long time. If you are looking for an affordable electric shower that’s easy on the pocket, this electric shower is the one for you. It is easy to install and handle and it works like a dream.

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