What types of shower heads do we know?


Taking a shower the first thing in the morning is maybe the only thing that will wake me up!  In my entire life I only had for about 5 years that my house did not have a shower.  And I can remember almost every day of those 5 years without it!  For those 5 years I really struggled to wake up in the morning!

There is something about the healing effect of water that I just cannot explain.  Water flowing over your head created a sense of starting over, having a new opportunity, as if something new – for that matter ANYTHING is possible!  As if the previous day is erased.

Purposes of different spray types

Water flowing from a shower head can have different purposes depending on the type of shower head used.

You get the ‘single stream’ shower head where you are never sure where to position yourself in order to get water all over your body during one single shower…  The single stream shower can further be distinguished by the strength of the water pressure coming from that single stream.  Some single streams are so low in pressure that no matter what you do, there is always a few seconds where two thirds of your body is dry and you are waiting for – what seems like ages – to just get the soap washed off your body! The other single stream with extremely high pressure can almost hurt you!  Without being prepared for it, a high pressure single stream shower head can almost cause you pain!

Then you get the all ‘over the place’ type of shower head.  Where water is supposed to come from the shower head in a specific pattern, falling in a predictable place, but for some or the other reason, some shower heads presents ‘splitter’ streams pointing in the most awkward directions.  This might not seem problematic, but if you are not aware of this or unprepared, it can leave you with a constant slash directly in the eye or ear – which might be quite surprising and uncomfortable…

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Most practical shower head

The shower head that is quite practical, is the ‘large base’ type, installed on the ceiling and not the side wall, letting hundreds of equal streams of water coming directly from above.  This is the type of shower head you get the feeling that the water is folding around your entire body at the same moment! If the pressure is great, it is quite an experience!

shower heads outside

Some of the more modern showers offers not only shower heads from above, but also provide for jets from the side.  Normally you can decide where the water come from and which jets you want to open up. Just imagine water coming from above and opening up jets directing a strong stream of water into you back!  It feels as if somebody is giving you a massage standing upright in a shower!  This can, however become quite confusing, especially if you do not know the system too well!  Be careful not to open all the jets at once if you do not know how to control the flow!

The different ways water is mixed also makes a difference. Some you need to open a cold and a hot tap separately and you will end up with a mix of hot and cold water only in the bath or basin.  Other provide for a ‘one stream’ mixer where hot and cold water comes from one single stream, allowing you to control the perfect temperature you require it to be.  These are such an easy way to get the best usage of water. Finding the balance is mostly easy.

Showers are used for different purposes. Mostly it is used to clean your body after a day’s work or when waking up and before you start your day. When you went for a jog or comes from the gym, your partner might even command you to take one to get rid of the reek.

Sometimes, when you feel frustrated and need some clarity, to take a shower helps to clear the fog from your head. Water has an emotional and physiological cleaning effect on the human spirit.  Somehow taking a shower when confused or frustrated helps to get perspective.

shower head outlet

Taking a hot shower when your body is tense, helps the blood to flow more freely.  This helps you relax and helps your body’s blood circulation to do its job!  Standing in strong hot water flowing over your body helps you to relax.

Taking a cold shower has its own benefits as well. Just before you get out of a hot shower, turn the hot water off and experience the last few seconds in cold water!  This will increase your body’s blood flow even more! Some even say it helps you to lose weight if you turn the water to cold just before getting out of the shower.  This has not been proven as a fact, but – why take the chance that it might be wrong? It is such a refreshing experience.

Floating in water, doing water exercises, having a pool party, dancing in the rain, swimming in the ocean, diving into a pool, walking in thick mist, taking a hot shower, taking a cold shower, drinking a glass of water, drinking from a waterfall in the mountains, tasting snow on your tongue, taking a bubble bath, splashing cold water in your face – whatever your connection with water, no one experience alone can provide you with a definition of ‘water’.

It seems as if there is something magical in water. Something that cannot be explained, confirmed or even equalled. Something you need to experience for yourself without somebody else trying to convince you of the effect.

You need to experience water in all its forms and for every thinkable purpose possible.  One thing is sure, we cannot live without it and we cannot ever pay the price it is worth!

Whatever value you put to water, one thing is always true – water represents life! Never to be wasted and always to be respected!

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